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How we Help

Student financing is scarce or nonexistent for new immigrants who lack Canadian credit history and collateral. Consequently, immigrants usually find themselves facing huge financial burdens when unexpected events happen. Moreover, Black immigrants and newcomers to Canada are one of the most affected groups due to weak currency of their home countries and systemic discrimination. That's where Oasis comes in. We are the only comprehensive & virtual student financing provider geared towards black immigrants and newcomers to Canada.

Quick and Affordable loans Up to $20,000

Our Solution offers eligibility assessment and the loans up to $20,000 in under 10 minutes, providing swift access to affordable funds for costs related to post- secondary enrolment and career development.

Hassle-Free Currency Conversion

students can easily access funds in their home currency without dealing with complex currency conversions. By transferring money to our corporate bank account in your home country, we efficiently convert and transfer the equivalent amount in $CAD to your Canadian bank account, ensuring a seamless financial experience.

Career Success and Mentorship

We offer career development resources and access to a mentorship program that provides the tools, information, resources and success strategies needed to transition to the workforce and advance your career in Canada.

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